What is Coalizer?

Coalizer is a coalition formation analysis tool that reflects the state of coalition theory by taking both the office and the policy motivations of political parties into account. Basing on parties’ seat distributions and their policy positions, Coalizer computes their expected office and policy utility values in different coalitions. Additionally, Coalizer identifies utility maximizing alternatives for parties and searches for coalitions which are in equilibrium.

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For more information on Coalizer, similar tools and the theoretical basis, see the following articles:

o Graichen, Robin, Eric Linhart, Christopher Schuster, Udo Heller, and Andreas Müller (2021):
Coalizer: A Coalition Tool Combining Office and Policy Motivations of Political Parties. Journal of Information Technology & Politics 18(3)

o Graichen, Robin, Suresh Lodha, Manav Bhatia, Udo Heller, and Eric Linhart (2022):
Identifying Utility-Maximizing and Equilibrium Coalitions of Political Parties in Government Formation Processes Using a Visualization Approach. Social Science Computer Review (Online First)

If you use results based on Coalizer, please refer to these articles.